Workplace Emergency First Aid

article-image-workplace-emergencyBC Worksafe Emergency First Aid (WEFA): Recognized by WorkSafe BC as Level 1. Includes CPR & AED Certificate valid for 3 years.

Student Materials: Canadian Red Cross WEFA Student Manual

Course Content: Roles and Responsibilities of First Aid Attendants, Legal and ethical obligations to yourself, your employer and your co-workers

Priority Action Approach: How to safely assess and approach an emergency; and look for life threatening injuries

Lacerations: Assessment, care and follow-up

First Aid Records: Completion and record keeping

Follow Up Care: General guidelines and responsibilities for follow-up care

Back Injuries: Assessment and treatment options

Eye Injuries: Assessment and treatment options

Burns: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree burns caused by chemicals, heat or electricity

Material Safety Data Sheets: Identification of hazardous materials in the workplace

Respiratory and Circulatory System: Anatomy and function

Airway Obstructions: Conscious and unconscious choking

Respiratory / Cardiac Arrest: CPR and AED for Adults (level “A”)

Shock and Bleeding: Management of physiological shock, and deadly bleeding

Medical Conditions: Management of Asthma, Diabetes and Seizures

As far as the Standard Workplace Emergency First Aid course its all of the above plus the Standard First Aid component. They come out with both the WEFA certification as well as the Standard First Aid Certificate.